Eb's BYE WEEK Picks : WEEK 7

3rd week of bye week teams, and 3 more weeks to go. In week 7 there are a lot of teams resting. Which is extremely weird since in Week 10 only the Giants and Houston have bye's. Either way here are my picks.

Bye Week Teams : Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Seattle, Tennessee

New England at Tampa Bay
Tom Brady still doesn't seem to be the Brady he was before the injury in my eyes but in no way will he let a defense as weak as the Bucs prove that he isn't. He'll probably have a great game against them. Eb picks New England.

Green Bay at Cleveland
The Browns are terrible on both sides of the ball. Eb picks Green Bay

San Diego at Kansas City
Both teams are terrible... but since the Chiefs gave my Cowboys a run for their money a couple weeks ago, and because San Diego has been falling short again this year of the expectations people had for their season, Eb picks Kansas City.

Indianapolis at St. Louis

St. Louis is on a steady path to have the same season the Detroit Lions has last year especially up against a team like the Colts. There is no way they will get their first win today. Eb picks Indianapolis.

Minnesota at Pittsburgh
This is going to be the game to watch. A lot of analyst have taken the Steelers expecting an upset. I think offensively the Vikings are on fire right now no matter what weapons the Steelers have on defense. Eb picks Minnesota

San Francisco at Houston
Does anyone care about this game??? I sure don't! So for no reason at all, Eb picks SF.

Buffalo at Carolina
A battle of the teams that suck in the purest form. In my opinion the Panthers have more talent and even know they haven't done much with it this season, I'm going to ride with them today. Eb picks Carolina.

NY Jets at Oakland
The Jets are definitely better than they played last week and they are coming for blood to prove that they are a force so the Raiders don't have a chance. Eb picks NYJ.

Atlanta at Dallas
We're rested, we're healthy and finally my boys are starting Miles Austin over Patrick Crayton like they should have been doing all season. You can go back on my twitter as evidence that I have been saying that either him or Sam Hurd should have been starting over that dude. It's finally going to happen and I feel we'll be unstoppable on offense. Granted we still have holes on defense so I expect it to be a high score game but my boys will pull it out. Eb picks Dallas.

Chicago at Cincinnati
The Bengals have been looking really good but after the Bears hard loss to Atlanta last week they are going to have a chip on their shoulder. Eb picks Chicago.

New Orleans at Miami
The Saints cant be stopped offensively. This is a no brainer. Eb picks New Orleans.

Arizona at NY Giants
The Giants reign is over. They showed their true colors last week when they showed their defense isn't as rock hard and tight as everyone had assumed. They definitely don't have a reliable secondary and even though Anquan Boldin may not play a huge factor, Steve Breaston will be there to pick up the slack. Of course you have Larry Fitzgerald on the other side and the Giants have no answers for him. Eb picks Arizona.

Philadelphia at Washington
 For division purposes I wish both teams could lose... but since they can't I'm rooting for the Eagles to lose since they have the better record. Eb picks Washington.


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