Yes, I'm Still Bitter: How Team Dominican Republic Could Have Fared Better At The World Baseball Classic

My youngest spawn is a sports fanatic, and recently someone asked if she got it from me, if I was an athlete in school.

ME? Hell naw... I'm too much of a sore loser for all that. I mean full-on throwing equipment, cursing, ready to fight the other team 'cause I lost sore loser. It's not a pretty sight.

And the same sore-loser-ness extends to watching my favorite sports teams fail time and time again (METSSSSSS... I'm looking at youuuuuuuu). So it's no surprise that some four months after the 2009 World Baseball Classic I'm still calling BULLSHIT on Team Dominican Republic losing to...god, do I have to type it? Ugh... we lost to... to... THE NETHERLANDS! *hides face in shame*

I was so thoroughly distraught and perplexed and upset and just plain BITTER about the whole thing that I can still taste some of that residual bile in the back of my throat.

But what's even more frustrating is that it could have all been avoided in just a few easy steps.

For example, let's please acknowledge that The Netherlands CHEATED, because their players were not these Nordic blancs from Amsterdam or the West Frisian Islands. These dudes were from Curacao. As in the Caribbean's Curacao. As in they might as well have been from San Pedro de Macoris.

Everyone knows the first round in the WBC is a throwaway game of a mighty team vs. a not so mighty one, but Team DR vs. The Netherlands was like a North vs. South situation and I was NOT happy with that at all.

Second, I didn't care for the fact that the entire Team DR was made up of those pompous MLB Dominican ball players. Honestly, we would have done a much better job if our REAL players- from teams like los Tigeres de Licey and las Águilas Cibaeñas of the winter Caribbean league- had played instead. Those dudes are HAWNGRY, and would have worked their asses off to win it all.

And finally, I don't care WHERE dude was born, they should've never let Alex Rodriguez anywhere near Team DR because old boy is a Class A jinx. That's right, I said it. Oh, you don't believe me? Really? Well riddle me this, A-Rod stans... since he joined the Yankees, have they returned to their former championship glory? No? And wasn't their last AL pennant win in 2003, THE YEAR BEFORE HE JOINED THE TEAM? Really? How interesting... Listen, the mere mention of his playing for DR instead of Team USA brought unwanted publicity (and a dark cloud) our way, and I'll NEVER forgive him for it. NEVER!

Sure, you're probably going to come at me with stats n shit about how Team DR slacked off and didn't play hard enough and that The Netherlands won fair and square, but to that I say NO! YOU'RE WRONG AND I'M RIGHT! *throws baseball bat at your head and stomps away*

MetsWatch '09: W46-L51-GB10.5
Next game: 7/27/09 VS. CLR @ Citifield, Oliver Perez (#46, 2-3 for the season) pitching


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