Football season, where for art thou?

This has been the longest off season in history! I swear, every since the Pro Bowl, which I don't normally watch, I have waiting for those gridiron warriors to take their various positions on their respective teams, but, it's not time.
On more Sundays than I care to count, I have turned to CBS, Fox and NBC to catch a game only to realize, it's not time. I find myself watching SportsCenter hoping to catch the highlights and scores but lately all I see is baseball, golf and tennis. Why? Because it's not time!
Well when is it time, dammit?! When will I be able to turn on SportsCenter and see highlights of my future ex-husband, Julius Peppers, knock the breaks off somebody's quarterback? When will I be able to see Steve Smith catch a short pass and run it in for a touchdown? How soon will I be able to see that dynamic duo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart run all over the opponets' offensive line?
Can you tell I'm a Carolina fan?
Soon! It's coming soon! The Bills and the Titans will battle it out on Aug. 9 in this year's Hall of Fame game, but guess who has to work?! Fortunately, ESPN will air my boys' preseason game against the NY Giants on Aug. 17 and I can't wait!!!
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Of course these games mean nothing and they won't do anything to help my boys in our quest to win the NFC Championship and ultimately the Superbowl, but it's football! And at this point, I'll take what I can get! I need it, I don't think I'm gonna make it.
It's like football is crack, and I'm Pookie in "New Jack City." "It's just keeps calling me!"


-Q. said...

You know what it is.. Eagles. All day!! I miss basketball season.. But its time. Ready to see what ya 'Boys gonna do. Gonna see em in training camp in San Antone.. You doing the pool this yr?

Eb the Celeb said...

You already know... DALLAS COWBOYS all day... yeah... so you can kill that pip dream of Carolina making it to any sort of championship.

I have seriously been a crackhead for football this year. Usually I'm just hype that its time, but this year I have seriously been feenin.' I almost watched the CFL last week because I was feenin so bad.

There are so many skeptics but I'm hoping the UFL thing works out. I can never get enough football!

Pigskin Loving Lady said...

YEAHHH My Bills got a mention. I've resorted to watching replays on NFLN. I'm salivating for some Sunday pigskin!! I'm so very, very glad trng camp is here!!

Smarty Jones said...

I used to like the Eagles a looooooooong time ago, before I learned about football. LoL.
As for you Eb, I'll save all my smack talking for the Fantasy League, seeing as how our teams will be battling in the NFC.
As for the Bills, they're going to be busy babysitting to win a damn thing this year. So good luck to your boys tryna pacify T.O.

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