Dear Jason Whitlock ...

... please, I'm begging you, go somewhere, anywhere, and sitchoass down!
OK, OK, maybe I should explain myself a little bit here. Against my better judgment, I read your column on a semi-regular basis. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that everything I've read that you've written is something negative.
In your July 9 column, you talked about Women's Wimbledon champ, Serena Williams and how even though she, along with her sister Venus, have dominated the tennis grand slams for the past decade, she can still do better. According to you, she lacks focus, she's greedy (food wise), she's out of shape and she has too much ass to be the world's best.
You'll have to excuse me, and black women everywhere, when we tell you to fuck off! Yea, I said it!
You sit behind your computer, with your stats and Krispy Kremes, watching Sportscenter looking for top athletes to piss on because you lack even the basic skills to play any of the sports you write about.
In your column, you say that Serena's fans are "rationalizing her failure." You, or anyone else, can hardly call 11 grand slam singles titles and nine grand slam doubles titles a failure. Since her debut in 1995, she and her sister have done more to expose this country club sport to more people than your lil' column will ever reach.
And in what world is Serena Williams out of shape? While I'm sure you're an authority on the subject, with your sweating butter and all, her presence in such tourneys is indicative of just how in shape she is. I'm pretty sure you only train to run fast enough to catch up with the ice cream truck, but she puts in actual work to chase balls all over the court and to return serves of more than 100 mph.
If you spent more time at actual sporting events than you do fast food drive-thrus you might actually have a better grasp of what it is they do. So until you stop hating on active, FIT athletes, I will refrain from reading anymore of your hate columns and encourage my fellow sports lovers to do the same. Good day, sir.


Smarty Jones


Eb the Celeb said...

He must be one of those people that refuses to keep mirrors in the house because I cant fathom this man saying anything about how anyone looks or their physical ability.

Smarty Jones said...

I think you're right. I would hope he wouldn't honestly believe that he has room to talk about how anyone looks.

clnmike said...

Acutally I agree about the focus part with Serena.

You can see it in her game when she has the a large amount of errors. In fact her losses can be attributed to that, I never really see anyone beating her but she does beat her self alot. The last player I saw handle her and her sister was Martina Hingis. But that there is the problem I think she needs a rival to bring out the best in her. Some who is good and she dislikes. No of those players are around.

12kyle said...

Good post Smarty.

This dude is a clown. He's a joke. He's not even a "journalist". I refuse to read anything that he writes. So, I didn't read the post but I heard about it. He's a walking cardiac arrest. And he said something about Serena's fitness? Gimme a break.

I don't even refer to this dude by his gov't name. To me...he's Uncle Ruckus (see the Boondocks). He's the same dude that hates on almost every black athlete (including Tiger Woods). He's the same dude who publically dissed his former co-worker at ESPN and black journalist, Scoop Jackson. He's the dude that openly campaigned for Imus'job on the radio in NYC. This dude is a herb if I ever saw one.

I'll end my rant by saying that his nephews and nieces are the only one who call him uncle.

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