MLB Introduces Wanna Play? Program Aimed Towards African American Youth: Really?

Major League Baseball introduced a new initiative called Wanna Play? to bring baseball activities to African American communities. Now that's all well and good, and I appreciate the jesture, but if they are going to seriously make this a permanent venture within the MLB, I want it to show that they have invested some time in the project.

First off, there isn't any mentioning of the initiative on the front page of the MLB's official website. I even tried searching it, and nothing comes up. I eventually went to Google and found an article on it from baseballdeworld.com, an international baseball site covering the sport from all over the world. From there, I found it hiding within the part of the MLB site dedicated to the Civil Rights Game. Even then, it's was very vague about what they actually planned to do to get black youth interested in baseball.

To the MLB: Don't shortchange my people. If you are going to make a sincere effort to reach out, make sure you actually put in time and effort in making it a success.


Smarty Jones said...

I'm not sure that this is even necessary. Think about it, I don't see the NBA reaching out white kids. I think the MLB is like every other professional sports league and they have the best players on the teams.
Motorsports, like Nascar, do have a diversity division but almost 10 years ago, there was virutally NO minority presence in that sport, in the cars, in the pit crews and definitely not in the stands.
I don't know, I think they're missing the mark on this one all together.

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