Football & Twitter = A Problem

Trash talking has officially been taken to the next level. I rep my Dallas Cowboys extra hard on twitter and several of my followers insist on replying every time I mention them. Usually you have to wait until you get in the office to trash talk or be in a sports bar, but this season I am going to have to hear the wrath from everyone in twitterville that loves to hate on my beloved Cowboys. I'm ready for it though, and have been taking in all the tweets that my boys wont make the playoffs this year like a champ. I'm glad we don't have a lot of hype around our team this year because the hype never did us any good. I'm glad they are underestimating us.

See how hype twitter has gotten me and there are still a couple weeks until camp. I can't wait to twitter during games this football season. My roommate will probably be extremely happy because being able to tweet my frustrations to the world might lessen the octaves at which I yell at the TV by having an alternative outlet to vent.

Working for ESPN for 3 years I've had the opportunity to see athletes in a different light that the average fan doesn't get a chance to see. Thanks to twitter, that dynamic has changed for everyone.There are so many athletes on twitter that bring you right into their homes on a regular basis. From Stephon Marbury (@StarburyMarbury) announcing streaming himself live for 24hours, to Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward) posting a twitpic of every meal he consumes to Chad Ocho Cinco (@OGOchoCinco) announcing he is going to tweet from the sidelines this season; the fun never ends with athletes on twitter.

A big shout out goes to all the athletes that have ever replied to me on twitter. I wish I could remember all of them but these are the only 2 crossing my mind right now.

Martellus Bennet @martybtv
Steven Jackson @sj39

Please forgive me if I forgot you...that probably means you need to reply to me more often...lol!

Besides those listed above here are a list of 5 other Football players that you have to follow on twitter this coming NFL season...oh and follow me too @Eb_the_Celeb

1. Tommie Harris @realdeal91
2. Shawne Merriman @shawnemerriman
3. Larry Fitzgerald @LFitzgerald11
4. Terrell Owens @terrellowens81
5. Kerry Rhodes @kerryrhodes


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