Athetes, stay out of the studio!

The recording studio that is. Every time I hear a track from an athlete I try to wrap my mind around the concept of them actually thinking that what they just recorded was actually good. Look at history, has there ever been a professional athlete that was successful at being a recording artist?

I'll wait!


Still Waiting...

OK, I'll let you off the hook because there have been none!

Many have tried, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Roy Jones Jr., Tony Parker. It saddens me that the list goes on but I'll stop there. Some of my Dallas Cowboys even have youtube videos of themselves freestyling in the studio, laughing and joking and I'm hoping that's what it was for... a good laugh, and that they weren't serious about persuing a career in music.

Question for Athletes thinking they have a chance???
God has blessed you with a talent, why must you tamper in talent that he has blessed others with??? That's just being selfish to me, not to mention a huge waste of time.

This post was brought to you by the recent record that made my ears bleed. Ron Artest "Michael Michael" Click on the pic at your own risk to listen.

Seriously Mr. Artest, we're all fans of the King of Pop, but you could have picked a better way to show your appreciation. We all know that you don't have it all anyway so I'm going to give you a pass...but from now on, let this be a personal tribute that you keep to yourself. The rest of the athlete rappers out there though, since you have some sense.. you get no love from Eb.


clnmike said...

Well Tisdale had a great run as a Jazz musician, and Shaq's first album was not that bad but i see your point. Too many bad ones to make excuse it. How about we say stay off the mic?

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