The Truth about Eb & Sports

A lot of men are thinking that it's a fluke that I like sports so much, and actually play Madden, and am not a butch or lesbian, and actually quite cute if I do say so myself...lol! So I thought I'd do an about me section so my readers can get to know the sports side of Eb a little better. I've been running track since the age of 4. I could barely walk and my dad had me on a track. It's a family tradition. I was pretty good too, got a Varsity letter my freshman year, but was seriously injured my junior year. After that I seriously fell out of love with the whole thing (even though very still in love with watching til this day) and started concentrating more on volleyball. My Senior year in high school, I was captain of the team and a Section V All-Star. I chose not to play any sports in college besides intramural stuff.

Die Hard Dallas Cowboys fan and have been since birth since my dad is a Cowboys fan. I spent many Sunday dinners at my Grandma Gwen's house who is the real reason I love football so much. She is probably the biggest female football fan I know. She reps her Buffalo Bills through the good and the bad. I can talk Football toe to toe with the best of them, but to assure you that I am a truly a girl, if it weren't for the football booties, boxing would probably be my favorite sport to watch. My grandfather is a big boxing fan, and because of him I love the sport as well but don't really follow the daily ins and outs. I know I'm probably losing all cool points with the Brothas for my "Football booties" comment but oh well...
Football booties make me weak in the knees. I'm a Fantasy Football addict and I play a little Madden from time to time since I have it for my Nintendo Wii, but I'm more partial to the fighting video games. I'm a beast at Tekken.

I absolutely hate baseball, so you will probably never eva eva eva see me write anything about that. I can't bear to watch Nascar or Golf either.

Basketball is give or take with me. Its becoming really predictable. Well, the NBA anyway. It seems now I can only watch if I have someone to watch with me during the regular season. The play-offs usually have me glued to the TV. I don't have a specific team I root for but I have certain players I like to see do well. I live for NCAA March Madness every year.

Professionally, I worked in the Mobile (which evolved into the Digital Media) department at ESPN for 3 years. I had a great boss and was given the opportunity to explore a lot of things above and beyond my job description that included :
  • producing segments (check below the video of the day section on the main page for examples of things I've produced)
  • interviewed athletes
  • being in involved in content ideas
  • running production shoots
  • being the liaison between agents to book athletes for segments
among other things.

Besides my passion for sports, I also have a strong passion for Music. I talk about and everything else Eb the Celeb over at my personal blog at www.ebtheceleb.com

Not a huge fashion guru, but I can get clean with the best of them at night, and still rock a mean jersey during the day.
Feel free to comment if you have anymore questions for me but I think that just about wraps it up.


The F$%K it List said...

I always wonder why dudes think its a fluke that a straight woman can love sports.

You know I'm a huge basketball fan, falling in and out of love with the NBA but I will watch NCAA and never complain.Their hunger makes them a pleasure to watch.

I also love baseball,and though they always seem to choke I love my METS. I'm trying with football, because 1-CJ seems to love it and 2- you told me I had too hahah..

you need to meet my mom she'd talk ALL sports with you ALL DAY!

Anonymous said...

How is everything going?
hope all is well :)
take best care

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