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The Sistas

Name: Raquel "Rocky" Penzo
Blog Alias: The Jaded NYer
Email: thejadednyer@sistasports.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheJadedNYer
Blog: www.poplife06.blogspot.com

Talk about someone being a walking stereotype... The Jaded NYer is Dominican-American that lives and breathes baseball. It's in her blood; the saying goes, "In DR, they grow ball players like platanos!" Although she doesn't play, she's been watching this sport since she was but a wee lass, and some time around pre-adolescence settled on the Amazin' Mets as THE team to root for... despite what everyone says about them. Favorite baseball memory to date? Merengue Night at Shea Stadium, 2008: Johan Santana(#57) pitches an AWESOME game and then Dominican superstar Sergio Vargas performs his hit songs on the field. Heaven on earth...

Name: Tiffany S. Jones
Blog Alias: Smarty Jones
Email: smartyjones@sistasports.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/smartysworld
Blog: http://difference-of-opinion.blogspot.com

Smarty Jones is a make-up and dress hating, life-long “tomboy” whose idea of a good day is any random Sunday afternoon in the fall watching NFL games on three channels. She’s a former high school, injury-prone basketball player turned writer. While she hates the commercial wasteland that the NBA has become, she is excited about the WNBA and what its existence means for little girls all over the U.S.

The Brothas

Name: Greg Morris
Blog Alias: G.Mo
Email: gmo@sistasports.com
Blog: http://www.chocolatecityweb.com

Born & raised in the DC area, this brotha has always subscribed to the slogan that "DC Stands For Dallas Cowboys". He remains a die hard fan who gets a huge thrill antagonizing Redskins fans in the District who question his allegiance. When it comes to the NBA, he's a huge fan of the Boston Celtics and has been since his pops threw a 'Tiny' Archibald jersey on his back in the late 70's. His best Celtics experience by far was being at the 2008 NBA Finals. As far as baseball goes, the NY Mets are his squad. Credit that to his grandmother in NYC who used to watch Mets baseball while baking cookies for him when he was a youngster. G.Mo is passionate when it comes to sports and doesn't just settle for viewing from a distance. He's attended over 500 live sporting events in his lifetime. No distance is too far or expense too much to see his squads.


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