Michael Vick vs. Marion Jones

I haven't spoke about the Marion Jones situation because I was extremely disappointed and embarrassed. I was that track & field girl growing up that looked up to her. To find out that her talent was tainted by a form of steroids...well nevermind... This post isn't about that... It's about the sentencing. She only got 6 months??? Yes, 6 months. For lying to investigators about performance-enhancing drugs and a check-fraud scam. Now I'm not saying she should have gotten a longer sentencing. I think that having to pay back all her earnings and losing her metals was a huge punishment in itself, but how the heck do you only get 6 months for something that effected the world, I mean this was the Olympics people, and Michael Vick received 23 months for dog fighting. I just cant fathom how that can be justified.


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