Eb on Vick situation

Jemele Hill of ESPN's page 2 is stirring up a little controversy with her most recent column she wrote directly to young black men regarding the Michael Vick situation. I agree someone needed to step up and say something. I was just having a conversation with some of my homeboys in the car last night when we were leaving ESPN the magazine's fantasy football kick-off event and we laughed and joked about how stupid Vick was for putting everything in his name and using his credit cards to pay instead of cash so their weren't any records of it; but on the real this is not a laughing matter. He is about to go to jail! As of yet, no one knows what he has plead guilty to but that's not the point. Why would someone of his caliber result to being involved in something so frivolous? I don't think this is at all a racial situation and I think African Americans need to stop using that as an excuse to get by. We know that we have to work harder for everything in life, we know we cant give them any excuse to shut us down because they will run with it, and yet we continue to fall in the trap. STOP giving them excuses to put you under the bus. This whole situation is very unfortunate but I feel the way the NFL is handling it is a piece of crap. They are rumored as not running the sentence respectively and even if Vick only gets a year... they will suspend him from playing in the league for another year after he is released. Now that is straight bull. When he's out, he should be able to go straight to the field. It still bothers me that we have people in this world that care more about animals than other people... (*ahem* PETA). With all the poor people we have around the world, with all the stuff still going on in New Orleans with the Katrina victims that are still suffering almost 2 years later, and we have a group of activists that are working hard to protect dogs rather than mankind. That completely boggles me and I am an animal lover. I have always had a dog. If Michael Vick goes to jail shouldn't every person that shoots a dear or bear and hangs the head up like its art in their house go to jail too? Why is it OK for them? What do you guys think about the situation?


Don said...

Eb here is my assessment, NFL players honestly are pussies when it comes to this. The union is weak and should never allow the commissioner to do anything he damn well pleases. Now, Mike was wrong but he had his day in court, he served his time and deserves a second chance. But of course black men in the league will say nothing because they are scared of big bad Pete. I wish they would grow some nuts and speak up.

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