Slanted Sports Debut

Today was the debut episode of Slanted Sports with Eb and Shannon. An edgy sports vlog that we'll post every Saturday where we discuss hot topics in the sports world. The raw, uncut, crossing all lines sports perspective. All the crazy things relating to sports that you always think, but never say, we are going to lay them all on front street. Both sports critics in our own right, we can't do anything but give it to you straight.

Each week we will also give out a Slanted Slap of the Week award to a deserving athlete that we feel needs to be slapped. We will also feature a short hilarious clip in the "video of the day" section at the bottom of the home page.

In this debut webisode, Eb and Shannon discuss the NBA Finals, Michael Vick, 4th & Long, and the Slanted Slap of the Week Award goes to Brett Favre. Enjoy!

Don't forget to check back every Saturday for new webisodes!

You know you can check Eb out right here at Sista Sports on the daily but also make sure you check Shannon out every Saturday from 9am-12noon for Sports Saturday with Bomani Jones on 620 the Bull in Raleigh, NC. If you're not in the area they stream online HERE.


-Q. said...

Great show.. For you guys first episode, yall got the chemistry and you keep it flowing.. Eb u know I'll be tuning in. Kobe WAS doin a lil work now yall, m'kay and yall 'Boys aint gonna do shit with Romo behind the snaps..

First fan question: What do you think about the status of Lamar Odom as a Laker at this point. and 2)You guys opinions of a rumored Shaq and Ron Artest going to the Cav's.. peez! -Q.

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