Dirk Wants his Baby!

It is reported that Dirk Nowitzki wants sole custody of his unborn child. He filed a petition in a Dallas County Courthouse last week that he wants Crystal Taylor (if that's really her name) to give up the baby the minute she delivers if he's proven to be the father.

Her lawyer said to the Beaumont Enterprise, "Our only focus in this case is to ensure the laws of the state of Texas are complied with to protect any and all rights Taylor has in delivery and her rights as a mother." Interesting. It's quite unusual how this woman didn't follow any of the laws of the state of Texas before she got arrested but wants to comply with the laws now that the father wants the baby.

However, I have to give it to Dirk. Even though he has problems stepping it up on the court when the Mavericks need him, he did manage to step up to his role as a father when it became apparent he was going to be one. Kudos to you Dirk.


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