Athletes & Babies, NO TRAPS!

I'm not buying that an athlete can be trapped into having a baby!

Yes I understand that you have a plethora of a$$ and titties floating your way.

Yes I understand that the majority of you are awkward looking and/or just straight ugly and probably didn't even get any play growing up and now that you have money you're being swarmed with options.

But whether someone you were dating for a while, or a groupie chick... I can't understand how you can be trapped into having a baby.

Did she rip your dick off your torso in your sleep and stick it up in her?

Did she tie you up and pin you down and force you to have sex with her without using a condom?

I don't want to hear no ish about her poking a hole in a condom because you should have came prepared with your own stash of condoms if you were really interested in protecting your assets, rather than only having coochie on the brain.

***Granted there are a handful of circumstances where a condom could have broke, but c'mon now. Watch this mess that aired on ESPN's Outside the Lines yesterday.

Yes... Travis Henry has 8 different confirmed children, by 8 different baby momma's; and a possibility of 11 when the paternity results come back on twins. This is just straight craziness. I don't believe in the dumb jock theory. YOU WERE NOT TRAPPED INTO ANYTHING HERE BRUH, you're just dumb as hell. I can't even imagine how many bumps you must have on your dick. There is no way you boned that many chicks raw (since we all know it was waaaaaaaayyyy over 8 or 9, that's just the number of chicks that happened to get pregnant in the process) without getting a STD. There is NO possible way. Eeewwe, that's just nasty.

Former NBA player Jason Caffey has 10 kids with 8 different baby mommas.

The list goes on with athletes that have multiple children with multiple baby momma's that they aren't with. Evander Holyfield, Chad Johnson...wait my bad... Ocho Cinco, Shawn Kemp, Larry Johnson (NBA), Ray Lewis, Marshall Faulk, Santonia Holmes (that reportedly had 3 kids by 2 women before even getting out of college), and the list goes on.

71% of African American children are raised by a single mother. We tend to think this happens in the ghetto and lower to middle-class neighborhoods, but no... a lot of these women have money from the $20,000 child support payments per month, but the athlete father isn't there. Still equals a single parent situation.

As you saw from the video, one of Jason Caffey's sons is 15 years old and has only seen his father 1 time in his entire life. C'mon ya'll, we gotta do better than this.

But I want to say that this is an extreme. I am not saying its every athlete. I have friends that have A baby out of wedlock... that equals 1, and they learned their lesson, that are in the league and they do everything possible to do right by their baby mother... similar to the situation that Dwight Howard is in. Some even try to work the relationship out with the baby mother for the sake of the child. Now I don't believe in being in a relationship with someone you don't love just because you think it's best for the baby, because in essence it's not. A baby deserves to be raised by two loving parents, and that doesn't always mean they have to be in love with each other, but at least their heart is in the right place. That's a helluva lot more than I can say for these fools that can't even take time in the off season to see their kids.

OK, my rant is over on this subject, someone please help me out if I am missing something here and I should be pitying any of these athletes who have several children by several different women.


Kayos said...

I'm sorry but I can't in good conscious make a pity argument for men who purposely don't try and practice birth control. Having one child can be excusable but having several... nuh-hunh, no dice. There is enough inventory on the market to keep pregnancy from happening.

I know going unstrapped may make the sex feel better but what happens when you're feeling has left you with a lifetime of responsibility?

Naw, you have all the rights in the world to make this rant! You're justified as well!

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