Defense UP, Offense DOWN

Why can't we get both sides of the ball in sync?

Biggups to Jay Ratliff, Marcus Spears, Ken Hamlin, DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer... my hat goes off to you. I have complained about our defense not stepping up and this week you did.
All of you kept us alive in the first half when Romo fumbled the ball 3 times and kept Arizona from scoring after recovering them.

Second half, I know you were tired. Our offense was rarely on the field, and although you gave up some big plays in the secondary... I appreciate your effort. Larry Fitzgerald is a beast so without getting much rest in between drives, it was going to be hard to have the best coverage on him.

Now with that said, our offense (with the exception of Barber, and Crayton in the first half) didn't show up to play.

We need a new QB... many have said it before and I'm finally starting to believe it.
Romo is our weakest link. He sits in the pocket too damn long, he never secures the ball, and he has to make better decisions.

Actually I take that line about needing a new QB back. I'm not going to diss him just yet. That's my QB, but you gotta do better Tony. Come on, you have the best RB in the league (BARBER IS THE TRUTH), one of the top 3 WR's in the league, one of the top 3 TE's in the league, and you can't seem to get them the ball. Plus Andre Gurode is one of the top 3 centers in the league, he has you covered. Watch a lot of tape this week please Tony, and get your ish together.

Jason Witten didn't make easy plays that he should have, TO barely got any looks. Offense needs to get their ish together.

My boys now 4-2... uuugghhhhhh!!!


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