NFL becoming sissy's game?

Yeah, the blog break is officially over after I just heard that Justin Tuck was fined for his hit in last week's game. Everyone knows I am a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and even I thought it was a clean hit. When he got the roughing the passer call, I knew it was a crock of you know what, but I was happy because it gave us some yardage that we couldn't get because their defense demolished our offense that entire day. But to fine the man $7500? Are you serious NFL... since when did the NFL become of game of pussy's. I am beyond livid after having worked with Tuck on several occasions, I know this is not his character at all. Yes there are some nasty players out there that play dirty but Tuck in NOT one of them. Even though I hate the Giants... if I had to defend anyone on that team it would be him. On and off the field he is a good guy so I was happy to hear that he is appealing. If he does not win, I honestly feel the NFL should just turn the game into flag instead of tackle since they want the hits to be so soft. Let the damn men play! The game is really starting to be a circus act with all these penalties and fines and fiascoes. Are you not making enough money NFL? Sure you are... so why do you need to nickel and dime the players with these asinine calls and fines? OK... I'm done!


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